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  • Psychic Training - The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual eBook
  • Psychic Training - The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual eBook
  • Psychic Training - The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual eBook
  • Psychic Training - The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual eBook
  • Clairvoyant Training - The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual eBook
  • Clairvoyant Training - The New Age Bible Clairvoyant Manual eBook
  • Spell Protection - The New Age Bible - Protection From The Darkside
  • The New Age Bible The Story eBook -
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Haunted House

I lived in my housing commission  home for 25 years  with Negative Evil Spirits telling me my problems all day and making me feel run down and ill. Also one after the other, Demons were attacking me with fear and placing negative energies on my body. I called many Spiritual Churches and Psychics but nobody could help me! I was helpless and living in a housing commission home, I could not afford to move else where. God came to me about 5 years ago in 2010 and told me a spell had been placed upon me. God told me how to kill the Demons attacking me and clear the negative energies in my home which was stopping the house from being liveable and bringing in an income. He also told me how to get rid of the spell. I realised now that "Spells" are common practice with Psychics.

Robbie Williams

I have been writing to Robbie Williams for the past few years telling him what is going on in my life and his. My Guardian Angels are hoping Robbie will give me a music contract and also I need to pull off a Steam Engine for Cars. I wish to bring the Spirit World out in the open and lead people to their Guardian Angels and God, through my work and music.

The Good One

Music Lyric channelled by Elvis Presley and "The Good One" 

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Here is a example of my work, chanelled by God. These eBooks are available and easy to purchase online  on the Amazon Kindle Store and the Google PlayStore.

Are you looking for the best Psychic in Brisbane? I have been doing psychic readings for over 30 years and can also teach you how to elevate your inner psychic abilities.

I give Psychic Readings to find true love and destiny, enhance personal relationships or give guidance for your career and business. I also cover people passed over. 

Hi, I'm Charmaine. I'm one of the rare Mediums that you will ever encounter that can actually tell you things.

Best Psychic Readings in Brisbane - Psychic eBook Guides and clairvoyant training by Charmaine The Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

I can help patch up a Relationship or tell you where the right one for you is. I'm not your average Psychic, I truly use my gift by Guardian Angels and have well known celebrities around me like Nostradamus and Elvis Presley. God is also my Teacher.  Also I can repeat word for word what loved ones from the other side are saying and what they are up to now. Even what they think about their will etc. I can even tell you how they died or what your pets are thinking. Do they love their food or what is wrong with them?

I am also a Teacher.  If you would like to see your own future and get in touch with your own Guardian Angels,call me. And I have the perfect Demon protection for those that are the victim of Spiritual warfare. The New Age Bible is a Psychic Clairvoyants Manual for those that want to learn to be the best psychic. It can be purchased and downloaded online from Amazon Kindle or the Google PlayStore. Scroll down if you would like more info on the kind of Medium I am and what my future lies for you.

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Charmaine - "The Good One"

Looking for like minded people to invest in a Hydrogen powered engine for cars and have opened mind to what may come from this in the future.

Hello, my name is Charmaine, I am a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Teacher and also a Teacher of Teachers Spiritually.

Out of faith I have been backing a Hydrogen Powered Engine for the past 25 years. The inventor has no people skills or presentation but I saw through this and backed him. The Inventor is also very spiritually gifted and used this to form his ideas.

Spell Protection $50 week

Clearing of Evil Spirits and Haunted Houses by the Expert

Reading for the Celebrities

$1 to read all Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams, Guy Sebastian, Warwick Capper, Delta Goodrem, The Candy Man

psychic reading

I offer psychic phone readings in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

See below for the contact details.

Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Teacher

Well Known Medium, always sort after by the Media, who gives a Real Genuine reading. 

Teachings are one-on-one.

Tuition can be done by phone each week and books mailed and supplies sent by mail. Teachings also can be done in my home ( One on One) at a time that suits you.

My Night with Elvis

  • I am A Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Teacher. Elvis Presley is one of my Teachers. I called upon Elvis the other night and said "If you want sex come on over" The next thing I knew I was sapped out of my body and rolling off the bed. I floated off the bed and went under it, then I found myself at the side of my bed. I was wearing a zipped up jumpsuit and finding it hard to move or breathe because I was so frustrated. Elvis reached for my zipper. The next thing I knew I was on the Spirit Plane with him and he was going for "The Deed". I was on my all fours. I couldn't help screaming, I was so turned on. I also visualised a man sitting in a car, really enjoying a good meal. The next thing I heard was a groan and I was back in my bed. So Charmaine - "The Good One" to be, finally won The King. Haven't been sexually with somebody for over 20 years, so it's definitely put a smile on my face. He may be courting me each night on the Spiritual Plane in time.